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Building Bridges through Communications

Media arts and journalism doesn't have to be a job, for us it is an excuse. An excuse to go to new places, meet new people, and investigate anything we find interesting.

Is there a better job? 

 Please go to our Current Projects page and let us know what your favorite type of entertainment is.


The Media Aid Center is a community media and technology resource providing training and support for youths and adults to exercise their digital freedoms.


Supporting L.A. Schools

This summer the center is project driven. We are preparing to lend an unprecedented level of support to Los Angeles inner-city schools. That means finding funds and volunteers to support youth news bureaus in 4 South Los Angeles high schools.

At our main facility on Western Ave., we will be setting up the summer youth news team. Our first broadcast is set for July. Please check out the news page to subscribe to our RSS Feed.


Since 1996 The Media Aid Center and its volunteers have provided Los Angeles area youths with free training in media and technology, nonprofit organizations with free media services, and providing an impactful way for youth leaders to engage the community.